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who's this guy?

sooraj is a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, composer, and arranger from mumbai, india. he currently lives in los angeles, california.

Playing the keyboards since the age of one and a half, and picking up various other instruments along the way, Sooraj's multi-instrumental, multi-genre approach to music and songwriting has shaped his unique alternative pop-rock sound, with every song sounding refreshingly new.

Whether in a solo, intimate acoustic setting, or a fully energetic band set, Sooraj makes sure to create a memorable experience for anyone who comes to watch him perform. His years as a stage actor in school and as a street musician in Mumbai, India have made the stage - any stage - his favourite home.

Sooraj's debut music video "Nemesis" reached over 60,000 views on YouTube. Since then he has hit the ground running, releasing a crowd-sourced music video about his home city Mumbai, called "City Beat," and ultimately releasing his debut full-length LP titled "Here We Go" in February 2019.

Sooraj currently studies vocal performance at Musicians' Institute, Hollywood, and also performs as the keyboardist for artists Shay, Kruthi Singar and Kendall Rucks & The Zodiac Mafia.





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